"New Generation of Scholars Prepared to Innovate and Ready to Produce Excellence"

A Message from the CEO

Jahmani S.A. Sealy

Chairman & Chief Executive Officer

My name is Jahmani Sealy and as the CEO and Founder of NSPIRE, Inc. I look forward to cultivating the minds of our youth. My team and I are working to supply the next generation with the supplementary knowledge they will need in order to be leaders in society. Through NSPIRE, young students will receive the opportunity to learn about different colleges and careers and the tools they will need to become successful. We will also be educating parents about their roles in the community and how they can help their children grow. I strive to build a program that influences the next generation. Education is the key to success and with the mission we have set forth for our organization we will ensure the we incorporate that in the minds of as many children as possible.

Mission Statement:

NSPIRE, Inc. is a non profit organization founded by youth who are fully committed to dedicating their time and effort to proactively encourage students to strive for success through education. 

Incorporated: October 2015

Jahmani S.A. Sealy
Christopher K. Boyce
Jasmine Hwang


NSPIRE, Inc. started out in October 2015 as The Boyce Foundation, Inc. We noticed that within the public school system many students were not aware of all the resources they had. The guidance counselors had so many students to help and therefore couldn't give more personal help with the college application process. This was not the fault of the guidance counselors but we thought that maybe we as people who went through this process could go into various schools and help make it easier for those counselors. We would eventually do this by hosting college and career fairs, hosting college workshops, etc. In September of 2017 we decided to change the name of the Organization from The Boyce Foundation, Inc. to it's current name NSPIRE, Inc. 

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